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Below you will find the support options offered to Curatess clients. In addition, you will find the necessary procedures to initiate support.

Curatess Support Guide

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The support guide has been made available to all clients to outline the support offering from Curatess.

Technical Support Terms & Conditions

Curatess’s Technical Support Terms & Conditions describe the scope of and conditions under which Curatess supplies technical support to clients (clients with an active subscription) for the Curatess platform that are used in accordance with the terms of the Curatess License Agreement.


This support guide contains important information on the procedures and practices to follow relating to the provision of technical support for the Curatess platform. Following the processes described in this guide will improve your support experience when contacting us for assistance. Curatess reserves the right to make changes to this guide and related processes at any time.

Eligibility for Support

Clients must have a current service contract with Curatess in order to access technical support and a defined designated contact(s).

Standard Support

  • Curatess includes email support for all clients. Curatess shall respond to any email support request submitted via our online support site with same day response during normal business hours, Monday –Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm CST.
  • Overview: If you identify a problem with the platform or have questions, you should contact us via open a technical support case. A ticket number will be established upon submitting a new request and automatically communicated via email.
  • You will need to initiate a separate case for each problem, and we will assign a unique ticket number to each support case in our tracking system.
  • Information required to open a new case
  • Online via Please provide us with the following information:

NOTE: All support requests should be submitted by your organization’s designated support contact(s).

    • Your Company name (Must be a current Curatess client or associated Curatess client partner)
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Request Urgency
    • Request Category
    • Application in need of support
      • Android Mobile App
      • iOS Mobile App
      • Web App
    • A detailed summary of the problem you are experiencing
    • Attach any supporting documentation that would assist with the support request.
  • Curatess offers a full knowledge center for all clients. The knowledge center offers instructional training videos that can be used for onboarding and training of new and existing users.
  • Technical Alerts and Platform Status: Curatess support alerts shall be communicated to the Curatess client designated contact as well as posted on our website at
  • Check all sites of operations with the following tools:
    • – all checks should be green, share the “Unique URL” with Curatess support
    •– choose “Test my Internet”, “Combined” test, click “Share Results” then “Results URL” with Curatess support
    • – results should all be green, send Curatess support the details for those not green

Language Cover

Curatess provides technical support in English. We currently do not offer support in any other languages outside of English.

Designated Contact(s)

  • Definition: Your designated contacts will act as a liaison with Curatess technical support staff. The number of designated contacts you are entitled to appoint is based on the number of locations or concurrent users licensed. Your designated contacts must have a thorough understanding of the specific Curatess product that is the subject of the technical support case, along with applicable technical and product knowledge needed to assist with the timely resolution of a case. If we believe your designated contact lacks the necessary technical and product knowledge to help address the problem, we may request that you replace your designated contact with someone who has more technical or product knowledge to help progress the case. When you log your case, you may identify specific individuals as your designated contact(s) for that case. If qualified designated contacts are not available throughout the problem troubleshooting process, Curatess’s ability to assist you will be adversely affected.
  • Managing Your Designated Contacts: Curatess clients must identify the designated contact and provide for following contact information. Submit your Designated Contacts Here
  • Client Organization, Client service location, Full Name of support designee, Phone Number of support designee, email address of support designee

Verification Process

Curatess support will verify if the support request was from the designated contact prior to responding to the support request.

What’s not supported

  • Curatess will provide support to the organization’s designated support resource, Curatess is unable to field support requests from every user of the platform.
  • Curatess is not obligated to provide internet connectivity support. Curatess requires wireless access to the internet for the Essential Care platform to function.  Any and all wireless related issues shall be the responsibility of the client.
  • Curatess shall not provide support on any web browser outside of the full desktop Google Chrome browser. All mobile devices shall run the native mobile application, Curatess shall not provide support for any mobile web browser.
  • Curatess does not have the capabilities to manage user accounts who are leveraging LDAP (Local Site Authentication) or other EHR authentication integration. The Curatess client organization establishes what authentication method is used at the time of initial implementation.  Please contact your organization for user account support.
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