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Lexington Health Network (LHN) is a Post-Acute Network (PAN) who operates 10 Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF’s) with over 2000 beds as well as Independent, Assisted, and Supportive Living. The company also provides Home Health and Hospice services. As a family owned business Lexington Health Network has maintained a unique quality, considering post-acute, long term residents, family members, and employees as extensions of their family. Lexington Health Network is committed to those they care for and takes extreme pride in providing the very best care to achieve unquestionable clinical outcomes. This commitment to excellence in care is what led Lexington Health Network to adopt the Curatess telemedicine platform.
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Q: What is Telemedicine?

A: Telemedicine allows doctors to remotely and securely assess, diagnose and treat patients from any location.

Q: What is the Curatess Open Telehealth Platform?

A: Our “Open Telehealth Platform” is not tied to physician services.  What this means is that our clients can use our platform across the organization with the entire care team.  We do not restrict access to predefined physicians. Our clients choose the workflows and partners that meet their needs.

Q: Who is the Remote Provider?

A: Our solution is open to the Provider of your choice, for both the originating (facility) site and remote (distant) site. The Remote Provider could be the Medical Director, Attending Physician, Specialty Physician, Advanced Practice Nurse, Partnering Acute Hospital Emergency Department, Pharmacist, or any other licensed clinician with which you maintain a relationship. If you need a remote provider, we can offer that service through our partner network, as well.

If you are running an Advanced Practice Nurse business, then the Remote Provider could be YOU! Our solution will help you build an enhance the relationships and the services you provide to your customers

Q: Can I use this platform for my Advanced Practice Nurse business?

A: Yes. Leverage our platform to take your provider relationships to the next level.

Q: Can this platform be used for use cases other than change in condition management?

A: Yes, because our platform is open, we encourage our clients to use the Essential Care platform to meet all operational needs.  Below are some other examples of how our platform can be used:

  • Collaborate with your business development team to perform a remote clinical assessment for a possible admission.
  • Improve strategic partnerships with other healthcare providers and payers by offering seamless care coordination between care settings.
    • Connect to your acute hospital partners Emergency Departments (EDs) for an immediate remote clinical evaluation.
    • Engage payers clinical staff to allow remote clinical check-ups on their members.
  • Empower your pharmacy to provide face-to-face medication education to your patients upon discharge

Q: Is the Bedside Nurse Training Difficult?

A: No, our training is very simple, and we offer our knowledge center with short easy to follow educational videos 24 x 7.

Q: Is my care setting authorized to provide Telemedicine Services?

A: The following care settings are authorized as originating sites for Telemedicine:

  • Offices of a Physician or Practitioner
  • Hospitals
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Rural Health Clinics
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Hospital-Based or Critical Access Hospital (CAH)-Based Renal Dialysis Centers (including satellites)

Q: How can the Essential Care platform help my organization?

A: The Essential Care platform was designed to improve care coordination between your patients, care teams, and families.  We typically see 86% of patients managed in place when evaluated with the Essential Care platform.

Q: What are your technical support hours?

A: Please visit our Support Guide for more details.

Q: Do I need an IT Department?

A: No. Our solution is ready to be used as soon as you have access to our web and application interfaces, and meet the basic internet requirements. Our carts can be ready in minutes with a simple setup procedure, and you will have the choice to use our mobile and peripheral technology, or leverage your own (compatibility may vary). Please note, if additional integrations are required, you may need some technical assistance.

If your need for integration is more complex, we have the ability to collaborate with your technology team to customize the solution for your environment.

Q: Does the Essential Care solution require a lot of bandwidth?

A: No, in fact, our High Definition video stream only requires 1.5 MB upload and download speeds. Our solution will actually work perfectly using 4G LTE internet connection, if necessary.

Q: Is the session with the Remote Provider HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes, the Essential Care solution is 100% HIPAA  & HITRUST compliant. The session is encrypted from the Application to the Remote Provider. Any captured information is stored securely in our HIPAA & HITRUST compliant cloud.

Q: Is any of the information stored from the Telemedicine session?

A: The Essential Care platform is Real-Time or Synchronous Telemedicine solution. Our solution does not store any audio or video from any sessions. Once the secure encrypted session is completed, the session is over. Essential Care does securely store all of your integrated patient information as well as any documentation completed on our platform.

Q: Does Curatess sell carts?

A: Curatess leverages commercial web, mobile and cart technologies. We work with our customers to leverage existing infrastructure investments, as well. Since many of the components needed to connect are “off the rack”, customers enjoy the warranties and protection plans that come with those devices. Our goal is simple – help you manage your technology risk while minimizing your technology cost.

Q: How much does it cost to access the service?

A: Cost varies depending on the size of your care network, and the complexity of the setup required to serve your needs. Subscription prices start as low as $750 per month to access our care continuum platform. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.

Q: Will I have a large capital investment?

A: No. If you have internet access in your care setting, the Essential Care platform is delivered as software as a Service (Saas) at a competitive monthly fee. The cart we feature is approximatley $3,000 however, we do not require a cart to be purchased.

Q: Will Medicare reimburse for Telemedicine services?

A: You can determine if your location is eligible for Medicare Telemedicine payment here.

Q: How many Telemedicine carts will we need?

A: If you serve a population on a single floor, or have sufficient elevator access, one cart may be enough. Based on the level of workflow your team plans to support using our care continuity platform, additional mobile devices may better enable you. Learn more about our cart

Q: Do you have a minimum term contract?

A: Our minimum term for service is 1 year.

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