Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform

Curatess, Open Telehealth Platform, Live Call with Diagnostics
The Curatess Open Telehealth Platform was built from the ground up with healthcare providers to take advantage of mobile and web platforms. The Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform is not linked to physician services which means our platform is “Open” for our clients to use for all your telehealth needs.  Our platform delivers a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified cloud-based Telehealth application that adapts to your existing clinical workflows to improve access to care and enable care coordination between all stakeholders.

Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform was designed to improve clinical interactions by allowing comprehensive coordination of care between all caregivers and connects clinicians with patients to deliver healthcare from any device anywhere. Our open telehealth platform utilizes EHR integrations, advanced video and audio capabilities, with integrated FDA approved stethoscope and other medical devices to deliver efficient clinical workflows in any care setting. The Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform delivers one experience across all platforms Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android which changes the healthcare delivery model and ensures patients always have access to the care they need. We believe that telemedicine is more than just a video conference, our Open Telehealth Platform provides clinicians with the tools they need to make effective, informed decisions related to their patient’s well-being.  Since we bring together clinical information, face-to-face video, and diagnostic tools on one screen with one experience, remote healthcare providers have the capabilities required to make clinical decisions anywhere in the world.  Curatess is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), so our clients can introduce telehealth into their organizations little to no upfront costs and we handle the telehealth platform so our clients can focus on providing outstanding care. 

Read our Case Study featuring Lexington Health Network and the success realized from the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform for managing after-hour change in conditions .

Patient Experience

Access to a physician anywhere at anytime

Provider Experience

Easy to use platform to provide advanced clinical oversight

Care Coordination

Real-time video connection between patients, nurses and physicians with the complete health record

Secure High Quality Access

HIPAA Compliant and HITRUST Cloud Platform. Data is encrypted in use and at rest.

Open Integrated Telehealth Platform

A true point of care platform that integrates clinical information from Electronic Health Records (EHR) on any device – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Our Open Telehealth Platform is not linked to Physician Services. We allow our clients to choose the care team members who provide care to their patients.

Software Support

  • Windows and Mac with Google Chrome
  • Mobile Google Chrome & Safari
  • Apple iOS- 12 and higher
  • Android – 7 and higher


Mobile Application

Change in Condition Clinical Workflow

Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform, Change in Condition Management workflow

Enhanced clinical delivery with integrated clinical information to support the care team

Open Telehealth Use


Extend Patient Care

– Connect rural patients to healthcare providers

– Allow Physicians to collaborate with the care team and the patient remotely

Streamline Clinical Assessments

– Enable your business development staff to connect to the clinical team while at the patient bedside

– Enable care team specialists to assess patients throughout your enterprise, for example, wound care

Develop Strategic Partnerships

– Connect to hospital Emergency Departments or specialty clinics

– Empower payers to us their clinicians to monitor patient care remotely

Platform June 21, 2017