by Paul Knight, Founder and CPO

Healthcare has evolved, the traditional standards of care are no longer the best options available. Integrated telehealth platforms like the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform allows healthcare organizations to deliver “Smart Healthcare”. So what does Smart Healthcare mean? Well, let’s start with what it doesn’t mean. Standard telephone calls, isolated multi-click EHR access, insecure texting, and certainly not faxing. Telehealth platforms like the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform eliminate the old standards and designs new standards, Smart Healthcare standards. Technology has advanced, care team members can now provide Smart Healthcare with face-to-face interaction, streamlined access to EHR clinical information, diagnostic tool access, secure messaging, along with integrations to EHRs to transfer information

Furthermore, healthcare providers can use these same telehealth platforms to enable more efficient and meaningful clinical workflows. Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF’s) and Hospitals are both financially penalized for avoidable return to the hospital (RTH). Change in condition management via telehealth is one of the most popular clinical workflows to improve outcomes. Please read more about telehealth change in condition management. However, telehealth can enable several other workflows, why limit your use of telehealth?

  1. Enable pre-Admission assessments by connecting your sales team with your clinical team to ensure you are admitting patients that meet your organization’s capabilities.
  2. Connect with specialists within your own enterprise such as wound care nurses, social workers, or any other remote healthcare professional.
  3. Establish clinical programs that improve collaboration with hospital partners. For example, access to the ED physicians, specialized cardiac or post-surgery clinical programs.
  4. Create smarter access to your existing pharmacy and therapy partners to gain access to remote respiratory therapists and pharmacists for medication education. 
  5. Provide all care team members access to their patient’s clinical information with full access to engage with all care team members.

Smart Healthcare is the evolution of healthcare, telehealth improves patient outcomes and extends access to the care team without traditional standards restrictions. Are you ready to evolve? Curatess and our Open Telehealth Platform can help.