Curatess and KareFirst are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership whereby the Curatess telemedicine platform Essential Care will be available to KareFirst’s large workforce of advanced nurse practitioners and their patients throughout the United States.

 KareFirst, one of the fastest growing nurse practitioner groups in the country, is also one of the first advanced nurse practitioner groups capable of providing medical services across the nation. KareFirst’s ability to utilize Curatess’s Essential Care telehealth platform will not only improve onsite delivery of care nationally but expand treatment opportunities for physicians and patients alike. This exciting partnership will enable KareFirst patients’ access to nationwide healthcare via one of the most innovative and affordable telehealth platforms.

KareFirst CEO, Alvin All, said, “We looked at many telemedicine platforms, and Curatess was by far the best solution. We are pleased to partner with Curatess to create a telemedicine provider network of primary care and specialty healthcare professionals to serve KareFirst’s patients and Curatess’s client base.” The Essential Care open telehealth platform will also enable KareFirst to scale their remote clinical and physician services business more efficiently than other currently available telehealth platforms.

Founded in 2015, Curatess created the mobile and web open telehealth platform Essential Care. The Essential Care telehealth platform marked award-winning success with Lexington Health Network’s Health Care Centers, which utilized new technology to increase the quality of care, improve clinical outcomes, and optimize financial benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and payers. The Curatess Essential Care platform was the featured telehealth platform for the 2017 Innovator of the Year by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News. This ingenious new telehealth platform, designed from the ground up, offers a substantial leap in technology with the integration of electronic health records, mobile devices, and smart Bluetooth peripherals such as a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, and other vital capture devices. The platform is engineered for healthcare operators to be user-friendly, require minimal training and available at a moment’s notice.

Curatess’s mission is to advance new technology to help healthcare providers streamline care coordination, reduce hospital transfers, and expand treatment boundaries and access to healthcare.

Curatess is located at 665 West North Avenue, Suite 100, Lombard, IL 60148, and more information is available by calling 844-873-8246 or visiting