Financial Penalties are Coming, Retain Revenue with Telemedicine

Financial Penalties are Coming, Retain Revenue with Telemedicine

Readmissions to the hospital continue to be a focus for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  The Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP) and the Skilled Nursing Value-Based Purchasing Program (SNF VBP) have financial penalties for readmissions to hospital.  Hospitals have been establishing programs as well as shrinking post-acute partners to ensure the quality of care and positive outcomes post discharge.  It is critical that skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) begin to think like the hospitals and ensure programs and home health provider selection have quality at the top of the list.

Hospitals and SNFs have a number of methods to affect the quality of care provided across the healthcare continuum, and it will take a variety of programs and innovation to meet the designated quality demands from CMS.  Telemedicine is one innovation that can greatly help Hospitals, SNFs, and home health providers elevate the care delivery model used to manage patient care regardless of the patients care setting. Telemedicine has evolved and will continue to evolve to meet the constantly changing landscape of healthcare.  It used to be that telemedicine was linked to a large expensive cart that resided in a hospital or SNF. It has been said, ‘Telemedicine can’t be reimbursed’ so the physicians won’t use the technology. The readmission reality is, CMS wants positive outcomes at a lower cost, if healthcare providers do not produce positive outcomes, financial penalties will be enforced.

The Curatess Essential Care telehealth platform was designed to help hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health providers meet the quality requirements set by CMS. Essential Care integrates with your electronic health record, digital stethoscope, and other Smart Bluetooth medical devices to deliver everything necessary for a physician to confidently make remote clinical decisions.  The Essential Care platform allows for healthcare providers to manage patients in place and avoid a care setting transfer, up to 90% of the time. Essential Care works on mobile devices and/or your computer so the clinicians do not need to worry about specialized expensive hardware. Learn more about how the Essential Care platform can prevent unnecessary returns to hospital.



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