Curatess™’ partner Lexington Health Network was awarded the McKnight’s 2017 Innovator of the Year for Excellence in Technology.

“It’s creative thinking and action like this that sets high-quality operators apart — and earns recognition, including our ‘Innovator’ Gold Award,” said McKnight’s Editorial Director and Associate Publisher John O’Connor. McKnight’s Long-Term Care News offers this prestigious contest, “Excellence in Technology Awards,” once a year with categories related to quality, dignity, and innovation in senior living and long-term care.

Founded in 2015, Curatess’ telehealth platform marked impressive success by Lexington Health Network’s Health Care Centers, which utilized the technology to increase the quality of care, clinical outcomes, and financial benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and payers. Curatess, encouraged by the successful partnership with Lexington Health Network, invested into a next-generation telehealth mobile and web software “Essential Care”, currently being launched in all ten Lexington Health Care centers. This exciting new telehealth platform, designed from the ground up, offers a substantial leap in technology with the integration of electronic medical records, mobile devices, and Bluetooth peripherals such as a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, and pulse oximeter. Engineered for healthcare operators to be functionally user-friendly, requiring little to no training for a clinician to use it at a moment’s notice.

Paul Knight, Founder and SVP of Operations for Curatess and Chief Information Officer of Lexington Health Network, states, “We empower remote physicians and advanced practitioner nurses with the ability to evaluate cardiac, respiratory, and abdominal sounds anywhere and at any time. It also allows visual assessments, such as wound care, using an HD high-resolution live video stream enabling them to review and document directly in the “Essential Care” application, ensuring that all medical professionals have immediate access to documentation for advanced clinical decisions.” Additionally, he adds, “We are honored to be the supporting company and telehealth platform behind this award given to Lexington Health Network, as our goal was to increase quality patient care 24/7, and this award reinforces that we are on the right track.”

Curatess’ leadership includes Matt Hughes, President and CEO, Paul Knight, Founder and SVP of Operations, and Joe Viscomi, Chief Technology Officer. Their mission is to advance new technology to help healthcare providers deliver high-quality care to patients in rural care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, home health, hospitals, and other care settings anywhere at any time.

Curatess is located at 665 West North Avenue, Suite 100, Lombard, IL 60148, and more information is available by calling 844-873-8246 or visiting