Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform Integrates with PointClickCare’s EHR Platform to Deliver Higher Quality Healthcare

July 2019 – Curatess, a software organization focused on delivering next-generation healthcare delivery

solutions, today announced that the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform is integrated with

PointClickCare’s electronic health record (EHR).

“When it comes to a patient’s health record, there should be a single source of truth: the EHR,” says Paul

Knight, Curatess Founder and CEO. “By using all of the available PointClickCare integration API’s,

Curatess has established a feature-complete software integration that is best in class and enables

members of the care team to focus more on their core competency, providing patient care.”

The integration enables bi-directional data exchange between Curatess’ and PointClickCare’s platforms,

ensuring that any information captured in one system will automatically populate in the other.

Additionally, information from PointClickCare’s EHR is displayed on one screen, with embedded,

advanced HD audio/video features, and integrated FDA approved medical devices on any device which

enhances how healthcare is delivered.

By using the Curatess – OTP, Healthcare providers can improve patient and resident care while retaining

revenue, increasing access to care, and reducing hospital readmission rates. It allows clinicians to

perform a real-time evaluation from any device with access to the Internet. Further, since Curatess is not

linked to physician services and open to the existing care team, its clients can utilize the Curatess – OTP

to support unlimited clinical workflows to improve healthcare delivery.

“Curatess is committed to ensuring a patient’s health record is always up-to-date, allowing for faster,

more accurate patient record keeping, thus enabling healthcare members to focus on the patient and

overall well-being” adds Knight. “With this new collaboration, healthcare organizations who leverage

PointClickCare and the Curatess – OTP are empowered to deliver bedside point of care without barriers.

We’re confident that the integration will help to eliminate disjointed care and data silos and better

equip care teams to access accurate clinical information, regardless of care setting or location.”

For more information about the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform, visit

About Curatess

Curatess is a software organization focused on delivering next-generation healthcare solutions (e.g.,

open telehealth, fast-access record integration, and display, advanced Bluetooth peripheral integration,

real-time video and audio streams) that support and improve the treatment and recovery of patients in

all healthcare settings, including the home. The Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform has redefined what

telehealth can be. Through the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform, physicians and other clinicians

connect directly to their patients’ setting for consultations and clinical review. For more information

about Curatess and our Open Telehealth Platform, please visit, contact us at

844-873-8246, or by email at