CMS Proposed Reimbursement for Telemedicine

On July 12, 2018, CMS made a significant announcement to “Modernize Medicare and Restore the Doctor-Patient Relationship“.  The proposed change would have a positive effect on telemedicine reimbursement and accelerate the use of telemedicine to allow better access to healthcare across the country.

The hospital length of stay has greatly reduced, resulting in patients being sent to post-acute care providers sooner with higher levels of acuity.  Furthermore, quality measures outlined in the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program – HRRP and the Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing Program SNF-VBP have added financial penalties that affect acute and post-acute healthcare providers.

The use of Telemedicine in Skilled Nursing (SNF), Assisted Living, and even Home Health allow post-acute care providers and patients to be more engaged with physicians and other healthcare providers.  How do post-acute care providers get specialty physicians to visit a patient within a SNF? The truth is, the specialty physician is in high demand and the SNF is required to schedule a visit with the physician and transfer the patient to the physician’s office for treatment. The result of this workflow is a lot of time and money spent to transfer a patient from the SNF care setting to a physicians office and back.  Telemedicine allows specialty physicians to perform a remote evaluate and check-in with their patients without the care setting transfers.  This saves time, transportation dollars, and maintains patient safety in the correct healthcare setting to meet their clinical needs. Telemedicine provides patients greater access to physicians for patient check-ins, specialty visits, and change in condition management.  So why doesn’t every physician take advantage of telehealth?  The answer is lack of reimbursement, that is why the proposal from CMS on telemedicine reimbursement is so significant.

The Curatess, Essential Care platform, offers complete integration with Electronic  Health Records (EHRs) as well as integration with FDA approved medical devices.  The Essential Care application seamlessly delivers all of this clinical information to the remote physician, allowing for confident clinical decisions.

The care delivery system is in need of modernization; Telemedicine has the power to transform how healthcare is delivered across the Nation.

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