Advantage Living Centers Expands Use of Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform to Improve Care 

Advantage Living Centers, which operates short and long-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing centers and assisted living centers throughout Michigan, is expanding the use of the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform in its centers. “We are proud to strengthen our relationship with the Advantage Living team and to be a part of improved outcomes for their patients and residents with our Open Telehealth Platform,” says Paul Knight, Founder and CEO of Curatess.

The Advantage Living team uses the platform to manage after-hours change in condition for patients and residents in their skilled nursing facilities. The Advantage Living nurses can easily contact a physician or group of physicians instantly directly from the Curatess – OTP application.  The platform enhances how healthcare is delivered at Advantage Living by streamlining EHR information, HD audio and video, and diagnostic tools to remote Advanced Practice Nurses and Physicians on their mobile or desktop devices. The platform enables the care team to make critical clinical decisions on any device anywhere ensuring Advantage Livings patients and residents receive the highest quality care. By using the Curatess Open Telehealth Platform (OTP), Advantage Living is the first skilled nursing provider in Michigan to offer enhanced level of care to its patients and residents with after-hours change in condition management. Since the Curatess OTP offers bi-directional integration with PointClickCare, the EHR used by Advantage Living, information captured in either system will automatically flow to the other. Members of the care team now have the complete patient health record in their hands on a tablet, smartphone, or computer. 

Advantage Living is focused on providing the highest level of care to their patients and residents.  The results have been incredible and the majority of the time the platform is used, patients are able to be treated in place and avoid returning to the hospital. By treating people in place, Advantage Living is able to retain more revenue all while keeping return to hospital rates low for its acute partners. The Curatess OTP continues to reduce the cost of delivering care and improves the patient experience.

About Curatess
Curatess is a software organization focused on delivering next-generation healthcare solutions (e.g., open telehealth, fast-access record integration, and display, advanced Bluetooth peripheral integration, real-time video and audio streams) that support and improve the treatment and recovery of patients in all healthcare settings, including the home. The Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform has redefined what telehealth can be. Through the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform, physicians and other clinicians connect directly to their patients’ setting for consultations and clinical review. For more information about Curatess and our Open Telehealth Platform, please visit, contact us at

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