Lexington Health Network (LHN) is a Post-Acute Network (PAN) who operates 10 Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF’s) with over 2000 beds as well as Independent, Assisted, and Supportive Living.  The company also provides Home Health and Hospice services. As a family owned business Lexington Health Network has maintained a unique quality, considering post-acute, long term residents, family members, and employees as extensions of their family. Lexington Health Network is committed to those they care for and takes extreme pride in providing the very best care to achieve unquestionable clinical outcomes. This commitment to excellence in care is what led Lexington Health Network to adopt the telemedicine platform described below.

The Curatess Telemedicine solution

LHN understood the importance of controlling avoidable readmissions to the hospital in 2011 and committed to their patients & residents that LHN would implement clinical programs that would have impactful results.  LHN began utilizing Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) within all SNFs in 2011 as well as the use of Telemedicine for evening, holidays, and weekends.  Lexington Health Network fully believed that introducing more advanced clinical coverage would improve the care that they provided and improve RTH outcomes. The APNs are onsite at all 10 SNFS and provide advance level of care and assessments to their patients from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. The Curatess Telemedicine solution is then utilized 6pm to 8:00am Monday-Friday and on holidays and weekends. LHN branded the CARE Telemedicine solution as “LexConnect” so it was easily identified by staff and partners. The clinical staff at Lexington Health Network utilize the CARE Telemedicine solution daily and depend on Telemedicine and the capabilities it provides for managing sudden changes in conditions. The CARE Telemedicine solution is an open solution, meaning it allows any clinician to utilize our system. Many other Telemedicine solutions are tied to physician services which do not allow the Physician or Advanced Practice Nurse the ability to leverage Telemedicine to manage their own patients. LHN allows Attending Physicians\APNs as well as Payer employed APNs to utilize the CARE Telemedicine solution to manage their patients changes in conditions. Currently, LHN is the only SNF in the Chicagoland post-acute care market who is utilizing Telemedicine, and allowing Attending Physicians\APNs as well as Payer employed APNs to manage change in conditions.

The outcomes after introducing the CARE Telemedicine open solution have exceeded the expectations of the Lexington Health Network team. Telemedicine is used in each building each and every day, resulting in 80% of those patients evaluated and treated in place without a return to the hospital. In other words, the company is retaining 80% of the patients that are evaluated and thereby significantly reducing the number of hospital readmissions. Lexington Health Network does not utilize Telemedicine as a replacement to 911. Telemedicine is only used for changes in conditions that the nursing staff determine do not require a call to 911. LHN has realized over 1,000 days of retained patient days which have had a positive impact of maintaining census. It is also estimated that LHN has contributed to over $5,000,000 savings in avoidable readmission to the hospital due to utilizing the CARE Telemedicine solution. Lexington Health Network has had comprehensive clinical processes in place even before the use of Telemedicine, resulting in already low RTH rates compared to the national standards. LHN contributed a 2% reduction in RTH because of the CARE Telemedicine, bringing Lexington Health Networks Skilled Nursing RTH from 13% to 11%.

Lexington Health Network is a health care provider who has their finger on the pulse of market dynamics. While many providers are just now beginning to think about Telemedicine, Lexington Health Network has been utilizing Telemedicine since 2011. Curatess is proud to feature Lexington Health Network as a progressive and outcome driven organization. The use of our CARE Telemedicine solution throughout their SNF’s is just one example on how Lexington Health Network is proving they are the premiere Post-Acute Network in the Chicagoland market.