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Why Curatess

Founded in 2015, Curatess was established by Healthcare operators who saw the need to advance how care was delivered to patients and residents in all care settings.  With the introduction of the Readmission Reduction Program in 2012 and the IMPACT Act in 2014, the healthcare landscape has shifted to focus on clinical outcomes, with detailed clinical data required to support those outcomes.

Telemedicine enables clinicians to evaluate patients without traditional geographic boundaries.  Telemedicine is more than a video conference.  Advanced Telemedicine solutions allow for the use of diagnostic tools to complete an evaluation.   Transfers to or from a hospital, and other care transitions, may be scary for patients and costly to payers.  Telemedicine helps reduce readmissions to hospitals and reduce healthcare costs.

Curatess understands the importance of clinical workflow integration.  Our Essential Care solution is integrated into the clinical workflow of the EMR applications used by our customers and their stakeholders.  We believe in a well executed workflow that puts the right information in front of the right people at the right time to achieve the goal of making better clinical decisions.

The Essential Care and Curatess applications represent the second generation of our product.  We are excited to be a part of developing a better workflow, better decision making, and better experiences for those providing, and those in need, of high quality care.

Our History

After an extensive search of the market for a better solution, we decided to design a platform to help other healthcare providers better adapt to these changes. The Curatess Telemedicine solution has all been tested and vetted by our own network of healthcare locations, and we stand by their ability to ease the burden of Post-Acute care operators, their patients and their partners. Our solution is open for any medical professional to use and is NOT tied to Physician Services. It was important to the founders of Curatess to develop an open solution that promotes continuity of care between clinicians and patients without the limitations of physical boundaries.

Attending physicians, medical directors, advanced nurse practitioners or specialists can leverage a PC, Mac, Android or iOS device to participate in a Telemedicine session. This flexibility makes it easier for practitioners to access their patients with a stethoscope that is familiar and comfortable for the practitioner.

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