Why Curatess

Founded in 2015, Curatess was established by Healthcare operators who saw the need to advance how care was delivered to patients in all care settings.  Transfers to or from a hospital, and other care transitions may be scary for patients and costly to payers. The Curatess Open Telehealth Platform helps manage patients in place to reduce care setting transfers and healthcare costs. With the introduction of the Readmission Reduction Program in 2012 and the Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing Program, the healthcare landscape has shifted to focus on clinical outcomes, with detailed clinical data required to support those outcomes.

Curatess is a software organization focused on delivering next-generation care solutions (e.g., open B2B telehealth, fast-access record integration and display, advanced Bluetooth peripheral integration, real-time video and audio streams) that support and improve the treatment and recovery of patients in all healthcare settings, including the home.  The Curatess Open Telehealth Platform has redefined what telemedicine can be.  Through one of many available clinical workflows, the Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform enables physicians and other clinicians connect directly to their patients’ setting for consultations and clinical review.  We understand the importance of clinical workflow integration, our Curatess – Open Telehealth Platform enhances how care is delivered and establishes an integrated clinical workflow to provide seamless high-quality care. The Platform connects with Electronica Health Record’s (EHR) and efficiently displays the (EHR) data, putting the user in ‘patient context’ during any interaction.  It also integrates with FDA approved medical peripherals including a digital stethoscope, to deliver TRUE DIAGNOSTIC sounds to remote clinicians.  We are excited to be a part of developing a better way of delivering clinical information within the existing physician clinical workflow. These capabilities empower remote clinicians to make confident clinical decisions when they cannot be in the room.  We believe in a well-executed workflow that puts the right information in front of the right people at the right time to achieve the goal of making better clinical decisions.

Our History

After an extensive search of the market for an integrated telehealth solution, we designed and built a platform to assist healthcare providers to deliver better remote care for their patients. The Curatess Open Telehealth Platform offers improved care coordination between care settings along with EMR\EHR and medical device integrations to meet the telehealth needs of all healthcare providers.  Our Open platform has all been tested and vetted by strategic healthcare partners who have helped shape the easy to use interface and the clinical information we seamlessly deliver to healthcare providers. Our solution is “open” for any medical professional to use and is NOT tied to Physician Services. It was important to Curatess to develop an open solution that promotes continuity of care between clinicians and patients without the limitations of physical boundaries.

Curatess Leadership

Paul Knight

Founder & CEO

My 20 years+ of healthcare and technology experience helps guide the strategic direction of our organization, our work and our goals of improving care coordination between Patients, Families, Care Settings, and Providers. I have spent my entire career in Healthcare and have a passion for Healthcare Information Technology. I saw a gap in the Healthcare industry for a truly integrated telehealth platform, this is how Curatess was established.  My goal is to continue to develop advanced care coordination and clinical workflow to help improve the overall Healthcare people receive.

Fun Fact: I originally entered the Healthcare industry as a registered Occupational Therapist working in the acute and post-acute care settings, hand therapy was my specialty.  In the early 2000’s I transitioned to technology and in 2006, graduated from Benedictine University with my MBA.

In my very spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and mountain biking with friends.

E-mail: paul.knight@curatess.com

Joe Viscomi

Chief Technology Officer

My software development, product engineering, and technical experience go back more than 20 years. I have been a technology innovator and entrepreneur for the past 10 years and most recently was the co-founder of Greplytix, Inc., Howler Apps, Inc., and Lambda Labs, LLC.  Spanning these startups I have focused on novel indoor positioning systems, real-time IOT message processing, and healthcare analytics. My academic background is in Machine Learning and Cryptography, most recently I studied Innovation and Business Management at Harvard while in the Advanced Study Program at MIT for Data Modeling and Data Mining.

I am passionate about solving complex interesting problems in simple, elegant, and useful ways. I was excited to work with the Curatess team and the opportunity to help them move from their MVP to an advanced integrated care management platform and telemedicine service. I think lots of new disruptions are coming to this space of healthcare and it is awesome to be part of the team that is leading the way.

Fun Facts: include my passion for education and helping children with learning disabilities, and I enjoy speaking engagements that focus on innovation and strategic planning. I am an avid fan and player of hockey and serve as a mentor for FIRST robotics. While I was at Greplytix I was awarded the “innovator of the year” in Graduate Medical Innovation from the Harvard Academy and Howler won the Reader’s Choice award for best showcase startup in Boston.

E-mail: joseph.viscomi@curatess.com