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Curatess, Open Care Delivery Platform

Why Our Platform Can Help

Reduce Hospital Transfers
Empower care team members with care delivery tools to help hospitals and post-acute care providers to reduce hospital transfers or face financial penalties.
Retain Revenue
Length of stays are reducing, our platform connects existing care team members to manage thier patients in place to keep the patient in the best care setting to promote positive outcomes.
Access to Care
Provide patients access to their existing care team or others around the clock with integrated health information and real-tine diagnostic tools to provide in person care as if they were there.
Improved Outcomes
Our mobile healthcare delivery with integrated health information allows for better healthcare outcomes to meet partenrs demands.


Manage in place 94% of patients seen with OTP
Maximize treatment time
Avoid unnecessary travel
Retain revenue and build unique clinical programs


Our Value and Platform Overview

Mobile Healthcare Delivery

Empower mobile healthcare for care team members to deliver telehealth care from their smartphone with the comprehensive health record and diagnostic information

Supports Unlimited Workflows

Collaborate with real-time audio\video telehealth, secure messaging with care chirp notifications, peer to peer or clinical group calling, and real-time surveys

Integrated Patient Information

Electronic Health Record and FDA-approved medical peripheral integration – Stethoscope & Vital Capture

Learn More about our PointClickCare EHR Integration

One Experience All Devices

The Curatess Care Delivery Platform delivers our One Experience across all devices including for use on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android – no specialized hardware required

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Empower Mobile Healthcare

Integrated Patient List
Comprehensive integration with PointClickCare EHR. 
Integration Include:
Single Sign On, Demographics, Advance Directives, Care Team Members, Vital Signs, Medications, Labs, Progress Notes, Immunizations and more. 

Connected Telehealth
Telehealth with FDA approved stethoscope integration with TRUE Diagnostic sound with remote audio focus control. Cardiac and Respiratory digital signal processing filters.


Secure Messaging with Care Chirps
Care team members can easily collaborate about patients with our embedded Care Chirp message alerts and even initiate a telemedicine call from the included secure messaging. 

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Platform Features

EHR Integration

Comprehensive Electronic Health Records (EHR) integration to seamlessly deliver the health record to remote care team members all on one screen.
Learn more about our PointClickCare EHR Integration

Medical Device Integration

Integrated with an FDA approved stethoscope to deliver TRUE DIAGNOSTIC sounds to the remote healthcare provider. We also connect to other vital capture devices Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, and Scale.

Telehealth Collaboration with Secure Messaging

HD audio and video telehealth with secure messaging are native to the platform. Communicate face-to-face within patient context or secure messaging directly to engage healthcare providers and family members.

Intelligent Call Routing

Our unique intelligent call routing to locate the right healthcare provider on the right device to connect care. We can even prioritize calls to healthcare providers based on previous clinical outcomes or physical location.

Built for Healthcare Providers

Created in collaboration with medical professionals, we developed the platform with patients and healthcare clinicians in mind, to deliver the information required to make confident clinical decisions.


Our platform is HIPAA compliant on a HITRUST certified cloud with full encryption end to end.  We keep your information safe while at rest and in transmission. Furthermore, no information is stored on your devices after you log off; we take security very seriously. Learn More

Proactive Alerting with Artificial Intelligence

Our upcoming Artificial Intelligence (AI) will offer risk scoring that will assist in assigning clinical resources.  Later this year we are releasing our predictive analytics which will identify a change in condition based on a holistic longitudinal view of a patient.

Comprehensive Desktop Delivery

Curatess has redefined care management with our next generation Open Care Delivery Platform with advanced telehealth. Our platform seamlessly connects physicians and other healthcare clinicians directly to their patients to review clinical information and perform remote evaluations.  Our platform was designed with healthcare providers to meet the operational needs of clinicians.  We connect to Electronic Health Records (EHR) and FDA approved medical peripherals, including a stethoscope to streamline the clinical workflow.  Our integrated approach delivers the clinical information necessary for a remote clinician to make confident clinical decisions.  With an increased focus on reducing hospital readmission rates, Curatess offers a platform for healthcare providers to improve clinical outcomes and customer satisfaction. No special hardware is required, the Curatess – Open Care Delivery Platform operates on any device, allowing your facility or practice to benefit from our platform without a large investment.


Read our LeadingAge published case study featuring Lexington Health Network and the success realized from the Curatess – Care Delivery Platform for managing after-hour change in conditions.


Mary Beth E. Sutkowski, MD; Chief Medical Officer Principal

As a physician and business owner, I’ve had nothing but success with the Curatess program. It is an amazing tool that provides for the highest quality medical care in skilled nursing facilities 24/7. The technology is superb. At 7pm, midnight or 3am I am able to do a comprehensive history & physical exam from the comfort of my home and know that I am giving the same level of care as if I was at the building. I would highly recommend this program to any medical professional who would like to offer state of the art medical care whenever it is needed to avoid unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions.

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