Measurable Outcomes

Thousands of Managed Beds

Beds under management within facilities: post acute, skilled nursing, long-term and memory care

Thousands of Patient Encounters

Engagements/situations treated within facility, allowing minimal stress, quicker diagnosis and treatment

90% Managed in Place (Avoidable RTH)

Patients that are managed in place without a Return to Hospital (RTH)

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Not Sure Telemedicine is Right for You?

Curatess uses cutting edge technology to remove the physical boundaries placed on traditional care delivery models. This connectivity makes in easier for patients and clinicians to meet instantaneously, no matter their location. With an increased focus on reducing hospital readmission rates, Curatess offers a solution for virtually all Post-Acute care providers. All that’s required is an internet connection, and your Post-Acute facility can start benefiting from our platform within a matter of days.



Mary Beth E. Sutkowski, MD; Chief Medical Officer Principal

As a physician and business owner, I’ve had nothing but success with the Curatess program. It is an amazing tool that provides for the highest quality medical care in skilled nursing facilities 24/7. The technology is superb. At 7pm, midnight or 3am I am able to do a comprehensive history & physical exam from the comfort of my home and know that I am giving the same level of care as if I was at the building. I would highly recommend this program to any medical professional who would like to offer state of the art medical care whenever it is needed to avoid unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions.

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