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Thousands of Patient Encounters

Remote encounters allowing minimal stress, quicker diagnosis and treatment

Thousands of Managed Patients

Manage patients in any healthcare setting

90%+ Managed in Place (Avoidable RTH)

Patients that are managed in place without a Return to Hospital (RTH)

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Our Platform

Essential Care, our Care Coordination platform with advanced Open Telehealth allows Physicians and other healthcare providers to remotely evaluate patients from anywhere.
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We Understand

Created with Healthcare operators, we developed Essential Care with patients and healthcare clinicians in mind, to decrease stress and improve clinical outcomes.

EHR Integration

We believe clinical data belongs with the patient and the physician. Our platform integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to seamlessly deliver the health record to remote healthcare providers.

Medical Device Integration

The Essential Care application integrates with an FDA approved stethoscope to deliver TRUE DIAGNOSTIC quality sounds to the remote healthcare provider. Blood pressure and pulse oximeter Smart Bluetooth medical devices are other integrated medical peripherals.

Intelligent Call Routing

When your patients need help, Essential Care uses our unique intelligent call routing to locate the right healthcare provider on the right device. We can even prioritize calls to healthcare providers based on previous clinical outcomes.

Advanced Video & Audio

High Definition (HD) audio and video calling is native to the Essential Care application. Communicate face-to-face with HD video or simply take advantage of our HD audio calling to engage healthcare providers and family members.

Easy to Use

Our platform is intuitive and easy to use. We train your team and offer online training manuals and video to ensure your team is always ready to go.


Our platform is HIPAA compliant on a HITRUST certified cloud with full encryption end to end.

Not Sure Telemedicine is Right for You?

Curatess has redefined telemedicine with our next generation telehealth platform. Essential Care, our telehealth application connects physicians and other healthcare clinicians directly to their patients to review clinical information and perform a remote evaluation.  Our platform was designed with healthcare providers to meet the operational needs of clinicians.  We connect to Electronic Health Records (EHR) and FDA approved medical peripherals, including a stethoscope to streamline the clinical workflow.  Our integrated approach delivers the clinical information necessary for a remote clinician to make confident clinical decisions.  With an increased focus on reducing hospital readmission rates, Curatess offers a platform for healthcare providers to improve clinical outcomes and customer satisfaction. No special hardware is required, our Essential Care application operates on any device, allowing your facility or practice to benefit from our platform without a large investment.



Mary Beth E. Sutkowski, MD; Chief Medical Officer Principal

As a physician and business owner, I’ve had nothing but success with the Curatess program. It is an amazing tool that provides for the highest quality medical care in skilled nursing facilities 24/7. The technology is superb. At 7pm, midnight or 3am I am able to do a comprehensive history & physical exam from the comfort of my home and know that I am giving the same level of care as if I was at the building. I would highly recommend this program to any medical professional who would like to offer state of the art medical care whenever it is needed to avoid unnecessary ER visits and hospital readmissions.

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